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Resin heroes

Hand made sculptures cast in resin of everything from superheros, cartoon characters and everything in between.

Behind the scenes at the Resin Heroes corporate office

Tim puts his grandson to work at the Resin Heroes corporate office…

Calvin and his cardboard box duplicator

Oh no! Calvin's turned an old box he found into a duplicator…

Calvin & Hobbes finished resin painted sculptures

Tim recently completed painting both the new Calvin and Hobbes…

Doc Savage Funko Reaction/Action figures

Tim recently completed painting and making a package for the custom Doc Savage ReAction figures Sean sculpted a few weeks ago.

Finished Flash cast painted and on base

Here is a resin cast of our latest Flash sculpture painted and…

Resin Heroes Behind the scenes

Here's a behind the scenes look at some of the resin kits we've…

Robert Culp & Starfire cast heads

Here are the finished cast heads Sean's been working on for commissions the past few weeks. They're based on Robert Culp from I Spy and Starfire (and her long, flowing hair) from Teen Titans.

Calvin & Hobbes final resin casts

Here's a photo of the final resin cast of Calvin & Hobbes right out of their molds as well as a few pics of Tim and Sean preparing and pouring the molds.