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Resin heroes

Hand made sculptures cast in resin of everything from superheros, cartoon characters and everything in between.

Flash sculpture update

Here's Sean's sculpture of the Flash cast and on a prototype…

New Flash sculpture in the works

The last few weeks Sean's been working on a new sculpture for…

Batman 1989 life-sized resin cast

A few months ago Bert picked up a life-sized resin cast of Michael Keaton in his Batman costume from 1989 on eBay. The cast was really rough Bert asked Tim if he could clean it up so that I could paint it. Bert's plan was to spray paint the cast bronze so that it would look like a metal statue. Well, apparently that wasn't good enough for Tim and Sean, so this Christmas they surprised Bert with the bust not only cleaned up but also fully painted AND they bought a mannequin body and cut it down so that the bust would have a stable base to sit on AND ALSO bought material and added a cape too. The bust is super-cool, life-like and a bit scary but in a good ,"I hope it keeps the burglars away" kind'a way!

New casting process

We've begun casting our resin items a bit differently lately.…

Punisher 12" figures

Using a head Sean developed for a Parker figure a while back, Tim created three different classic Punisher figures for fun. Other than the heads, these figures use off-the-shelf bodies and accessories with the Punisher chest symbol being the only other custom element on them.

Classic Punisher 12" figure

Last weekend using some spare parts and a Dragon NEO 3 body, Tim put together an amazing Punisher figure in his classic black and white look. The Punisher's head on this figure is the same one Sean created for a figure based on Darwyn Cooke's Parker a few years back.

Doc Savage figures

The last few weeks Tim's been working on creating a set of Doc Savage and the Fabulous Five figures for a project. Each stands about 2" tall and is sculpted in Sculpey. Once he's finished with all of the figures they'll be cast in resin.

Deadpool bust now on eBay

We've got one of our Deadpool busts available for purchase on…

Deadpool bust image gallery

Here are some images from a photo shoot we recently had for our completed Deadpool bust.