Teen Titans Starfire head sculpt

Sean’s finished up the head sculpt based on the George Perez design of the Teen Titans character Starfire for a private commission. The next step will be making a mold of the head that’s in two pieces, one for the head and one for the flowing hair.

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman head sculpt

Sean has started work sculpting a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman head for a 12″ action figure.

Calvin & Hobbes – Mold and first cast of Calvin done

Over the long holiday weekend Tim and Sean made a mold of the Calvin sculpture and had time to pour a test cast of the figure too. Everything turned out great so next step will be getting a version of this painted and ready for eBay.

Calvin & Hobbes – Calvin casting has begun

Tim and Sean have begun the casting process by making a mold box for Sean’s sculpt of Calvin.