Robert Culp & Starfire cast heads

Here are the finished cast heads Sean’s been working on for commissions the past few weeks. They’re based on Robert Culp from I Spy and Starfire (and her long, flowing hair) from Teen Titans.

Calvin & Hobbes final resin casts

Here’s a photo of the final resin cast of Calvin & Hobbes right out of their molds as well as a few pics of Tim and Sean preparing and pouring the molds.

Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes ready to mold

Sean has finished sculpting Hobbes and is in the process of making a mold to cast the figure.

DC’s The Flash & Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes cast & painted

Tim had time this week to paint and put the finishing touches on our The Flash and Calvin sculptures. Calvin is done and we’ll be casting Hobbes sometime soon and all that needs to be done with The Flash is for Tim to paint the base for the statue not pictured here.