Resin Heroes

Resin Heroes kits make great Christmas gifts

We’ve got lots of stuff listed on eBay ready to ship that make great Christmas gifts for that special geek in your life. Right now there are kits for George Reeves Superman, Calvin & Hobbes, the Flash, the Rocketeer, Deadpool, Ronin, Parker and 1/6 scale action figure heads for George Reeves Superman, Wonder Woman, Deadpool unmasked aka Wade Wilson, Adam West, 1966 Batman, Deadpool, 1966 Robin and Dick Grayson. 

And as a special incentive we’re shipping everything free for a limited time!

Resin Heroes

Doc Monster

Doc Monster custom 12″ figure

Recently, Tim put together a custom 12″ figure based on the Dave Flora’s comic character Doc Monster. The head is based off a Parker head by Sean that was then customized and painted by Tim.