Resin Heroes started when Sean Faurote fell in love with Darwyn Cooke’s comic book series The New Frontier and started buying toys based on that series. Sean wanted to make more figured based on that style and began sculpting them himself. His first few attempts at sculpture were a bit rough, but he stuck with it and quickly became very adapt at creating professional quality sculptures which his dad, Tim, would paint.

But the one problem they faced was that while all their work would create ONE sculpture there were TWO of them who both wanted a copy of what Sean was creating so over one summer Tim and Sean bought materials and both learned how to create casts based off of Sean’s sculptures. Much like with beginning sculpting, these first few casts were rough but as they created more and more of them they began to improve.

Never fully satisfied Tim and Sean constantly tinker with the sculpting/mold making/casting process to try and deliver better and better finished pieces.