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Resin Heroes kits make great Christmas gifts

We’ve got lots of stuff listed on eBay ready to ship that make great Christmas gifts for that special geek in your life. Right now there are kits for George Reeves Superman, Calvin & Hobbes, the Flash, the Rocketeer, Deadpool, Ronin, Parker and 1/6 scale action figure heads for George Reeves Superman, Wonder Woman, Deadpool unmasked aka Wade Wilson, Adam West, 1966 Batman, Deadpool, 1966 Robin and Dick Grayson.

Original sculpted heads

Here’s something you don’t see everyday — it’s a collection of Sean’s original sculpted heads for various projects over the years. These are what we use to create silicon molds which are then used make our resin casts.

Wonder Woman head sculpt

Sean has completed his Wonder Woman head sculpt, he and Tim made a mold and cast it and now Tim has painted it. We all feel the sculpt looks a bit like the Linda Carter 1970s version of the character with a bit of the 1940s Wonder Woman mixed in too.

The end of the road for one of our molds

Here at Resin Heroes, we find that one of our silicon molds is good for about 20 castings before they start to fail and fall apart. You can see this happen in the photo below from a recent casting or Robin, the Boy Wonder. Here, bits of the mold have been left behind in Robin’s […]