The end of the road for one of our molds

Here at Resin Heroes, we find that one of our silicon molds is good for about 20 castings before they start to fail and fall apart. You can see this happen in the photo below from a recent casting or Robin, the Boy Wonder. Here, bits of the mold have been left behind in Robin’s left eye and in his hair. Once we remove the excess molding this particular cast of Robin is fine, but it means that the master mold for Robin is effectively, for lack of a better term, dead.

Worry not since we can make a brand new mold for Robin from Sean’s original Robin sculpture.


Wonder Woman head sculpt is complete

One version of the Wonder Woman head sculpt Sean’s been working on is complete.

Calvin & Hobbes painted to look like the newspaper comic strip

Here are our rein casts of our Calvin & Hobbes statues Tim painted to look how the duo appeared in their long running newspaper comic strip.

Wonder Woman head sculpt

Lately Sean’s been hard at work on casting items for our booth at Fantasticon and sculpting this Wonder Woman head for an upcoming project.

We’ll be at Fantasticon in Fort Wayne, IN 10/29 & 10/29

We’ll having lots of our resin sculptures, busts and heads on display and for sale at Fantasticon October 28 and 29 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In addition, we’ll also be displaying a lot of custom 12″ action figures and will be selling art prints as well.

Behind the scenes at the Resin Heroes corporate office

Tim puts his grandson to work at the Resin Heroes corporate office as he works on cutting down piece created for a commission while Samson holds a vacuum cleaner nearby to suck up the mess.

Calvin and his cardboard box duplicator

Oh no! Calvin’s turned an old box he found into a duplicator and is making resin copies of himself and his best friend Hobbes!

Calvin & Hobbes finished resin painted sculptures

Tim recently completed painting both the new Calvin and Hobbes statues Sean sculpted over the summer. Calvin stands a little over 4″ tall while Hobbes is 7.5″ tall

Doc Savage Funko Reaction/Action figures

Tim recently completed painting and making a package for the custom Doc Savage ReAction figures Sean sculpted a few weeks ago.

Finished Flash cast painted and on base

Here is a resin cast of our latest Flash sculpture painted and on his base. Sculpture is by Sean and paints by Tim.

If you’re interested in picking up one of these, drop us a line.