Calvin & Hobbes in bronze

Calvin & Hobbes superfan Blake Henry sent us these pics of Resin Heroes Calvin & Hobbes set he painted in faux bronze. Blake said, “It was a lot of fun painting these guys. The detail on the figures is amazing and they look great sitting next to my Resin Heroes Rocketter and Superman on my toy shelf! Keep up the good work!”

Calvin & Hobbes painted to look like the newspaper comic strip

Here are our rein casts of our Calvin & Hobbes statues Tim painted to look how the duo appeared in their long running newspaper comic strip.

Calvin and his cardboard box duplicator

Oh no! Calvin’s turned an old box he found into a duplicator and is making resin copies of himself and his best friend Hobbes!

Calvin & Hobbes finished resin painted sculptures

Tim recently completed painting both the new Calvin and Hobbes statues Sean sculpted over the summer. Calvin stands a little over 4″ tall while Hobbes is 7.5″ tall

Calvin & Hobbes final resin casts

Here’s a photo of the final resin cast of Calvin & Hobbes right out of their molds as well as a few pics of Tim and Sean preparing and pouring the molds.

Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes ready to mold

Sean has finished sculpting Hobbes and is in the process of making a mold to cast the figure.

DC’s The Flash & Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes cast & painted

Tim had time this week to paint and put the finishing touches on our The Flash and Calvin sculptures. Calvin is done and we’ll be casting Hobbes sometime soon and all that needs to be done with The Flash is for Tim to paint the base for the statue not pictured here.

Calvin & Hobbes – Mold and first cast of Calvin done

Over the long holiday weekend Tim and Sean made a mold of the Calvin sculpture and had time to pour a test cast of the figure too. Everything turned out great so next step will be getting a version of this painted and ready for eBay.

Calvin & Hobbes – Calvin casting has begun

Tim and Sean have begun the casting process by making a mold box for Sean’s sculpt of Calvin.

Calvin & Hobbes – Hobbes figure

Sean had some extra time on his hands this long holiday weekend and started sculpting a Hobbes to go with his Calvin figure.