Deadpool with out the mask Wade Wilson bust update #2

Sean’s made a bit more progress on the Deadpool unmasked bust with a scarred Wade Wilson head. His uniform is as damaged as his body with several gashes and bullet-holes.

Deadpool without the mask Wade Wilson bust

Sean’s made a bit of progress on his Deadpool without the mask aka Wade Wilson head. We’ve made a resin cast of it which turned out great and here you can see it on our Deadpool body. We’re planning on making the head for 12″ figures for sale as well as a bust of this version as well.

Deadpool bust image gallery

Here are some images from a photo shoot we recently had for our completed Deadpool bust.

Resin Deadpool bust

Deadpool bust in-progress – painting

This is almost done except for some work that still needs to be done in casting the sword.
Resin Deadpool bust Resin Deadpool bust

Finished Deadpool bust

Here is the finished cast bust ready for paint! Resin Deadpool bust Resin Deadpool bust Resin Deadpool bust

Deadpool bust

More progress on the Deadpool bust

He’ll also come with an arm holding a sword.

Deadpool bust



Deadpool head for 12″ action figure

$15: Deadpool head

It’s the merc with a mouth!

Custom sculpt of the character of Deadpool from the upcoming movie due out in 2016. It is a 1/6 scale head cast in resin. It is perfect for a custom 12″ action figure.

Please note: You’ll receive an unpainted resin cast of this head.

Price: $17.50 = $15 + $2.50 shipping inside the United States

For orders inside the US:

For orders outside the US, please contact us for shipping charges.