Doc Savage & Shadow Lego Minifigs

Here are some custom Lego Minifigs Tim recently created for a commission of Doc Savage and the Shadow.

Tim Faurote 2017 Doc Con program cover illustration

Here’s a painted illustration Tim completed for the 2017 Doc Con that’s held annually in Arizona.


Doc Savage Funko Reaction/Action figures

Tim recently completed painting and making a package for the custom Doc Savage ReAction figures Sean sculpted a few weeks ago.

Custom Mego-sized Doc Savage figure

Tim’s been working on this custom Doc Savage figure for a while now and finished it up this week. The figure has a Mego body, a head started off as a Superman scale resin cast Tim found online that he customized to give it a classic Doc look. The pants are scratch created by Tim and hand sewn.

Doc Savage figures

The last few weeks Tim’s been working on creating a set of Doc Savage and the Fabulous Five figures for a project. Each stands about 2″ tall and is sculpted in Sculpey. Once he’s finished with all of the figures they’ll be cast in resin.